Playstation 4, Playstation 5 hdmi port repair and xbox no display issue related with few factors i.e HDMI port, encoder or APU. Most common fault is broken HDMI which is obvious in most cases by looking at the port pins when they are either squashed or bent by inserting cable in wrong direction or wear and tear. In other case if HDMI port looks fine and you still dont get dislplay that means it has either encoder issue or a faulty APU its asy to determine the encoder issue as the console will switch on but show no display and in regards of APU issue your console might turn on and than shuts down after few seconds the reason of APU failure is either a bad drop of console while playing or overheating which relate with clogged up heatsink and dried out thermal paste (we recommend to get console cleaned every after 4-6 months). If HDMI and encoder issue is there than you are in luck and your console will more likely will get fixed by contacting us, but if incase APU fails that means issue not fixable and you will require a new console.

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